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Hydraulic system for cervical canal dilation

Classical method of cervical canal dilation

The classical, most frequently used procedure of cervical canal dilation  is mechanical dilation using the metal dilators by Hegar, shaped to suit the anatomic contour of the cervical canal. They have tapered and slightly bent tip. They are inserted into the cervical canal and taken out one by one, successively, the next dilator having a larger diameter than the previous one, thus widening the cervical canal gradually.


Hegar dilators – different sizes


Each dilation of the cervical canal, and particularly if careless and abrupt, causes damage to the muscular and collagenous fibers of the cervix which often precedes its functional ineffectiveness, the most often late complication of this intervention. The direct complications of this procedure (the laceration of the cervix complicated by lesion of descendent branch of uterine artery; the perforation of uterus) may be life-threatening for the patients.

The hazard associated with this widely used procedure motivated us to perform dilation in other ways. During the ten-years period a group of gynecologists and engineers successfully developed a different concept of dilation of the cervical canal and tested the new concept in clinical practice.


The technical solution includes two elements:

1. The manual hydraulic pump similar to a  water pistol made of medical plastic. The instrument handle includes distilled water container and piston pump which can produce the pressure of more than 15 bar.

2. The balloon dilator consists of an elastic membrane strengthened by reinforced fabric and connected to the pump.

Deflated balloon, 4mm in diameter, is inserted into the cervical canal and then the fluid is introduced by pumping thus gradually widening the balloon to the projected dimension of 12mm in diameter and dilating the cervical canal.

The pump injects pressurized water into the balloon which causes widening of the elastic membrane to the size and shape allowed by the fabric.

The dilation lasts 30 seconds on average and rhythm and speed of the dilation may be adjusted in accordance with resistance of the walls of the cervical canal with individual patients and therefore this method is simple to use even for a beginner.

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